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7 Wooden Pet Urns to Keep Your Beloved Pet Close

When your pet dies, whether suddenly or expected, you don’t want to bear going on with life without this family member. You’re used to having your pet with you when you wake up in the morning and with you when you lie your head down on your pillow at night. One of the most devastating things about losing a pet is that you may believe it can’t be with you anymore. That’s simply not true, though. While you won’t be able to have your pet jumping, running, and happily wagging its tail as you start and end your day, you can still keep your pet with you in a different way – in a wooden pet urn.

What’s wonderful about wooden pet urns is that there are so many to choose from, so you can select one that reminds you of him the most. Think about what he would like as you go through these possible options.

The Andrew Series Wooden Pet UrnThe Andrew Series Wooden Pet Urn

The Andrew Series features a rectangular design in which you can place your beloved pet’s photo inside. It look a lot like a home with the ability to place his name on top. You can choose from walnut, cherry and oak to complement your décor.


The Bella Series Wooden Pet UrnThe Bella Series Wooden Pet Urn

The Bella Series pet urn has a unique design in that it’s also rectangular, but doesn’t have the raised top like in the Andrew Series. It is possible to place your pet’s name on these wooden pet urns, which would be on the top of the urn. You won’t be able to see the name unless you look down on top of it. Many customers prefer this design because of its simplicity.


The Cody Series Wooden Pet UrnThe Cody Series Wooden Pet Urn

The Cody Series pet urns come in horizontal and vertical orientations. You can place your pet’s picture inside of the frame and then his name on a plaque positioned on the bottom. It’s a great way to put your pet on display wherever you want him in your home.



The Cottage Series Wooden Pet UrnThe Cottage Series Wooden Pet Urn

If you want something cute to place your pet’s remains in, this is the perfect wooden pet urn for you. It’s shaped like a dog house and you can put your beloved’s picture in the small vertical picture slot in front of it. Poised on the top of the picture, you can have the plaque with his name on it. You’ll love to have this on a mantel, beside table, or shelf in your home.


The Handpainted Nicholas Wooden Pet UrnHand Painted Nicholas Series Wooden Pet Urn

The Hand Painted Nicholas Series is painted by a renowned American artist. You will love how lifelike your pet will look on this pet urn. All you will need to provide is the photo of the look you want painted on the urn. It’s a great portrait of your pooch to add to your home’s décor. No one but you will know that he’s safely inside resting in peace.


The Simple Oak Series Wooden Pet UrnSimple Oak Series Wooden Pet Urn

There’s nothing fancy about the Simple Oak Series, and that’s perfect for many of our customers. There are different sizes available to fit your beloved remains. A name plaque comes with the box placed on the front of it to proudly display his name.


The Traditional Series Wooden Pet UrnTraditional Series Wooden Pet Urn

The Traditional Series Urn is a lot like the Simple Oak Series, but has a smooth, elegant style with rounded edges. You’ll love the maple wood, oak wood, and walnut wood types so much, you might have a hard time choosing which one you’d like to have for your fur baby. Three sizes are available.


With so many options for wooden pet urns, there’s a style for everyone. Think about what you would like to keep your pet’s remains in and then order one off our site. We would be honored to preserve your pet’s memories in one of our high quality wooden pet urns.