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Why You Should Know All of Our Products Are Shipped In-House

When you purchase products online, you may not think much about how it is handled before it is sent to you. For example, you probably assume the person you bought the product from packages it with care and sends it off to you. While this is the case many times, it’s not always. Sometimes, the person you buy products from never even touches them.

Many online sellers are using drop-shippers and wholesalers to make money. All they do is advertise the products, and when you buy, the drop-shippers and wholesalers send the products to you. It’s the middleman. While you may not really care who sends you the products as long as they arrive in good condition, it can make a huge difference in your customer satisfaction.

When e-tailers do not handle their own inventory, there is a greater chance your products will not be sent on time or packaged properly. If you think about it, the people shipping your purchases don’t truly care about you. They are simply fulfilling an order they receive, and if you’re not happy, they don’t usually hear about it. It’s the seller you purchased from that will. Of course, that seller doesn’t really have anything to do with the shipping of the product. That’s where the problem lies.

How Memorials for a Lifetime Is Different

We do not use drop-shippers or wholesalers to ship our products. There is no middleman involved. When you purchase from us, you purchase from the people who are shipping your products. We care about you and the products you receive. This is how we can control how and when you receive your purchases.

If you ever have a problem, you don’t have to deal with someone who didn’t have anything to do with the shipping process. What you’ll get is us who most likely remember packaging your products and can help you identify what went wrong, so it can be taken care of quickly and easily.

We sell our pet urns this way because we believe it’s not only the best way to provide customer service, but because it also helps us keep prices low. Since there is no middleman, we don’t have to pay anyone to ship the products. When we don’t have to pay, you don’t have to either.

We hope we’ve given you some information you can use not only when you purchase pet urns from us, but for other purchases you make online. We believe it’s important and now you understand why.