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Why It’s So Painful to Lose a Pet

Many people who lose their beloved pet feel devastated. For many, they don’t feel as though they can go on with life without their furry friend.

Why It’s So Hard

This can be an extremely difficult feeling. Not only are they feeling this way, but they make it worse by telling themselves that they shouldn’t feel the way they do. They take what their loved ones tell them and start to berate themselves.

For example, someone may say, “You need to move on from this – he/she was just a pet.” This insensitive statement may end up becoming the griever’s statement and that can make the person feel as though there is something wrong with him/herself – making matters worse.

The truth of the matter is losing a pet is painful…incredibly painful. You have a right to feel the way you do.

Actually, some experts find that losing a pet can be equivalent to losing a child. As you can imagine, losing a child can seem like something a parent would never be able to handle. The same goes for pet parents.

If you think about it, a pet is much like a child. You could say that for some pets, it’s a child that never grows up.

As pet owners care for their pet, they grow a love for him/her. It does become a child. Yes, there are differences, but for some people, those differences have nothing to do with the emotions and bond they have inside of them. It’s just like the emotions and bond they have for a child.

A pet becomes a part of a person’s life. Every single day, that pet needs to be cared for by his/her owner. The pet is unable to survive without the love an owner provides. This sense of responsibility a pet owner has gives him/her purpose and feels as though he/she is important. Many people do not feel as though they receive this from other people, especially in a world where it seems as though selfishness makes it thrive. A pet is not selfish. A pet returns the love given, and that is what ties him/her so closely to the owner.

It’s only natural for a pain owner to feel as though his/her heart has been ripped out when the pet dies. This little furry friend was the source of so much love. This friend was an important part of the owner’s life. With that little friend gone, it could seem as though a part of the heart has died.

If you’re currently grieving the loss of your pet, please know you are doing exactly what you should be doing right now. Your pain is real and it is completely warranted. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your pet. You will be able to live after this, but you need to give yourself time to learn how to live without your pet. I know…it seems impossible right now, but it is possible.

If you ever feel as though you want to harm yourself because you feel as though there is no hope in life, please reach out to a friend, family member, or a doctor. You can also call this hotline for help: 1-800-273-8255.