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What Is Pet Cremation?

Are you wondering what is pet cremation? If so, the easiest way to imagine it is to think of a human cremation. A similar process is involved.

Understanding What Is Pet Cremation – The Pet Crematorium

A crematory can be used for pet cremation, but there are a pet crematorium is also available in most areas. Many people decide to use a pet crematory because they have a better sense of what it’s like for pet owners. Many of them allow you to view the cremation, which is especially nice if you are deciding on a private cremation.

How Does Cremation Work

The pet cremation process is quite simple, but does go through some steps. The pet’s body is placed inside of the cremation oven or retort. The pet is slid all the way to the back, and then the door is closed. The crematory staff turns the cremation unit on and it heats up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. It can take up to 45 minutes for dog cremation and less than 30 minutes for a cat cremation. The time it takes depends on the size and weight of the animal.

The heat of the retort will vaporize the animal’s body. When this process is complete, all that is left are bones and dust. The crematory staff will then remove the bones and dust and use a magnet to pick up any metal pieces that may have been inside of the animal. For instance, if the pet ever had any pins or rods placed in its body due to injury or even a microchip. These metal pieces will not pulverize during the last part of the cremation process.

Once all of the metal has been removed from the bones and dust, the bones and dust are pulverized. This turns the organic matter to a sand-like powder, which is the ashes that you probably imagine.

The crematorium staff will remove the ashes from the tray they used and place them into a bag, cardboard box, tin, or some other container. They deliver the ashes in this way to the pet owner.

Many people are surprised by the color of the ashes. The ashes’ colors depend on many factors such as medications the animal took while alive and any health issues it suffered. For those who decide on a communal cremation, the color of the ashes may be mixed, which can be quite interesting to see.

Pet Cremation Video

Beware – This may be disturbing to watch.

What to Do With the Ashes

Many pet owners decide to spread the ashes of their beloved pet in a special location. For instance, a favorite spot for the pet in the yard, or maybe in the ocean if it loved to swim. Other pet owners want to keep their pet’s remain with them forever with the use of pet urns. Pet urns offer pet owners a memorial that lasts a lifetime.

With many different choices for pet urns, it’s important to take some time to browse the ones that are available. You can customize them to give them the personalization you need to create the perfect memorial for your beloved pet.

Now, you know what is pet cremation. We hope this helps you in choosing the best final resting place for your pet.