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A Unique Pet Urn to Memorialize Your Best Friend

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Pets, our loving companions, are so much more than shedding, furry creatures sharing our homes. They are our walking buddies, loving companions, and cherished friends.

There are a variety of urns available to suit the size of your pet as well as your personal preferences and decorating tastes. The unique figurine pet urn memorializes your furry friend’s life with a detailed figurine of your dog or cat topping a classic wooden box urn.

This design is sure to conjure up happy memories of wagging tales and morning walks. Easily customize your own figurine pet urn to create a lasting memorial for your best friend by following these simple steps.

Select Your Dog or Cat Figurine

A figurine urn  is a unique memorial option, displaying the likeness of your pet to keep their spirit alive. Nearly every breed of cats and dogs is available, so select the option that best captures your pet’s likeness.

Each figurine is crafted with care down to the smallest details, right down to coloring and facial expressions. Some breeds are available either sitting or standing as well, capturing the energy of your pet forever.


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Choose a Wooden Urn Base

TRD100D_6Pet figurines are carefully secured on to a traditional wooden urn base.

This classic design is crafted from quality hardwood. Depending on the room you wish to display your urn in, select from maple, oak, or walnut to reflect the feel and style of the room and fit seamlessly into your home décor.

Choosing an urn size can also be difficult. When selecting size, keep in mind about every eight pounds translates into 100 cubic inches of space needed. When unsure, it is best to size up rather than down.

Customize a Brass Nameplate

brass_reg_lrgAdding a brass nameplate customized with your pet’s name and a loving message completes the look by creating a personalized memorial to honor your furry friend.

While nothing can replace your beloved pet, displaying their likeness of your dog  or cat  in your home with the figurine pet urn brings back those cherished memories to warm your heart each time you pass by.

Looking for Something Different?

Memorials for a Lifetime carries 100’s of different pet urns for dogs & cats, as well as other pets!