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Top 5 Pet Urns at Memorials for a Lifetime

At Memorials for a Lifetime, we sell many different styles of pet urns. Out of all these urns, there are some of them that are purchased much more. We believe it’s because they are what customers find to be the perfect memorials for their pets. Since there is some commonality between customers and their choices, we decided to let you know which five urns are bought the most. This may help you with your choice for your beloved pet’s memorial.

pet urns#1: Cody Series Pet Urn

The Cody Series Pet Urn comes in two different finishes:

  • Oak
  • Walnut

They come in two styles:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

The other choice you have is the nameplate. They come in different colors and fonts.

People love placing their beloved pet’s photo in this urn. The remains go inside of it and the opening is secured with screws.

This is a highly personalized urn because you can place a photo on the front and have a nameplate made for it. Consider it for your pet to preserve your memories for a lifetime.

pet urns#2: Bella Series Pet Urn

The Bella Series Pet Urn is similar to the Cody, but comes in oak and cherry with a different style. You can still place your pet’s photo on the front of it, and choose a nameplate for it. This one only comes in horizontal.

pet urns#3: Sitting Cat

Cat owners love this one. It’s a statue of a cat, and you can place your beloved cat’s remains inside of it by removing the threaded plug. Once inside, you can screw the plug back on tightly. It’s perfect for your home memorial.

pet urns#4: Etched Cylinder

Pet urn jewelry is popular nowadays. You can hang this around your neck to keep your beloved pet near you at all times. It holds only a small amount of ashes, but that’s usually enough to give you that sense of comfort and peace you need to move forward. These two Etched Cylinders come with a detailed design that’s carved into the pieces.

pet urns#5: Classic Avalon Series

When you think of urn, this is the design you probably picture. These urns are the shape of a traditional one and has a nice design around the top. You can purchase it in blue, gold, brass, and pewter. The lid screws on and off to place your pet’s remains inside. It’s made of metal, so it’s not appropriate for outside.

All of our products are made with high-quality materials. We take great pride in our pet urns. It’s why our motto is “Memories for a Lifetime.” You will always be able to remember the good times you spent with your beloved pet by having one of our urns close by to you. It’s the best way to keep him/her alive in your home – the place he/she loved to be with you.