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The Pain of Pet Loss: Why It’s Good for You

The pain is unbearable. You so desperately want to see him or her running around you. It’s just not fair.

It happened, though. You lost your beloved pet. Ouch.

The pain seems worse than you would feel if someone stabbed you with a knife. You just want to give up.

While you may not feel or believe the pain is good for you, or think this title is awful, you will in time understand. The pain you’re feeling is showing you something very special. It’s revealing a part of you that you’be never seen before.

The pain you feel with pet loss hits your core. When something like this hits your core, it changes you forever. You will never be the same, but it’s not only because you have lost your beloved pet. It’s because that pet was part of your life.

Analyze Your Pain – What Does It Really Mean?

You wouldn’t feel so bad if you didn’t care about your furbaby. You wouldn’t feel so much pain if you didn’t have a compassionate heart. You aren’t only grieving for what you’ve lost, but for your furbaby because he or she will never be able to do what he or she loved to do.

This shows you that you’re a good person. You are someone who your dog or cat was so lucky to have in his or her life. This realization is why it’s good to feel the pain. It brings you back to your good nature, so you can move on and continue to be the good person you now know you are.

Take this pain, and use it for good. Don’t misjudge it and get angry. Don’t take that anger and use it to do harm because what has happened wasn’t the fairest thing that could have happened. Take this pain and realize you feel it because you are a genuine nice person who cared deeply for your beloved pet.

How to Use the Pain

Using the pain inside of you to feel better about yourself is a great place to start. When you understand why you feel pain, you can do more good in your life and in the life of others.

Volunteer – This is a great way to show yourself how good you are, and you’ll end up benefiting from the experience.

Lend a hand – Helping others with what they need can help you feel better. It keeps you busy and uses that pain in a good way.

Make something – Do something crafty or cook something yummy. This can be either for yourself or someone else. You have so many skills and interests, so use them.

Care for yourself – This is a sensitive time in your life. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself. Be the good person you are to yourself.

With time, you will see how much this pain has showed you. You will feel better, stronger, and be a better person.

We wish you peace, strength, and comfort during this difficult time.