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The Benefits of Owning a Dog

Most of you know how awesome it is to own a dog. Many of you know the heartache that comes after owning one for so long and then he or she passes away. With all of your experience owning a dog, you may never have realized that this furry little animal is actually beneficial to your health.

Keeps You Healthy

Did you know all of that horrible hair that you complained about all the time? Well, bite your tongue. That hair is actually what has helped you stay healthy. Let’s be clear – it’s not actually the hair, but what the hair brings with it – germs! Before you make the icky face, think about what the medical community has been talking about recently. Sanitizers and disinfectants have been wiping out germs all around us and our immune systems are getting weaker to them because of it. Our immune systems need germs to know what to fight and get stronger. A dog brings TONS of germs into your home – it’s a good thing, really.

Those germs get spread all over your home and your body picks up on it and starts fighting. It continues to fight and get stronger and stronger every day. The result is fewer colds!

Fewer Allergies

People who have never had dogs are often allergic to dogs. Those with dogs usually don’t have allergies to them. Exposure is what people need to build a tolerance. That’s why it’s great to have a dog with young children in the home.

Less Depression

We all know why this is true. Dogs make us happy. When we are happy, we are less depressed.

Better Heart

Since you are happier, you are less likely to be stressed. When you are less stressed, you have a lower blood pressure and heart rate. A Chinese study found that these people get a better night’s sleep and then since they do, they don’t get as sick.

Boost Exercise

Dogs love a good, long walk. Since they usually should NOT walk themselves, someone will need to go with them. That means the owners, and since the owners are going, they are getting exercise too. More exercise means better health, as long as diet is still considered.

Take Your Daily Dose of Dog

Dogs are like medicine. Every day that you have one you get that daily dose of health benefits.

Does this mean that cats don’t have benefits? Of course they do! We don’t want to discriminate or leave anyone out. Cats have a lot of benefits and some of them are the same as dogs. There are just a few that are unique, so we like to treat them independently. We’re sure the cats and dogs of the world would appreciate that.