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Rock Pet Urn – Perfect Indoors and Out

Many people turn to Best Friends Services for pet urns that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Usually, people want to place them in memorials outside first, and then as the weather becomes more treacherous, they can move them indoors.

In addition to an indoor/outdoor pet urn, people also want pet urns that look as though they belong in both settings. Some pet urns just don’t seem right inside, while others don’t seem quite right for the outside. This is why we have the Rock Pet Urn.

These rock pet urns are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You can place them outside in a flower garden or memorial you’ve created for your beloved pet. You can have the plaque on it with your pet’s name on it or a short saying. While many would think this is a pet marker, it’s not – it’s an urn because the inside is hollowed out and there’s an opening on the bottom to insert the ashes. What’s nice is that there’s a screw closure, which keeps the ashes safe inside of it.

The black rock pet urn is made from granite with resin blended into it. The beige one is made of limestone. These are two materials that have no problem withstanding weather elements.

The nameplates are also made for the outdoors because they are UV protected. The engraving allows you to have four lines of text with 15-22 characters per line.

Since these rocks are specially made for the outdoors, they are good for the indoors as well. You don’t have to worry about them as much inside your home, of course. However, it’s nice to know that they are made of quality materials.

dog-216282_1920Choosing the Right Pet Urn for Your Pet

Pet urns come in many different sizes, especially the Rock series. It’s important to choose a size that will accommodate the remains of your pet. As you can see below, there are four sizes of rocks you can order.

Small 6”x5” – For deceased pets 0-20 lbs

Medium 7” x 6” x 7”- For deceased pets 21-40 lbs

Large 10” x 7” x 10” – For deceased pets 41-100 lbs

XLarge 14” x 9” x 14” – For deceased pets 101-500 lbs

It’s best not to settle for one that is too small for your pet. You don’t want to have to throw away any ashes because they won’t fit into the pet urn. Although, some people have decided to keep half of the ashes in a pet urn and then spread the other ashes someplace where their pet liked to be. This might be something you would like to do, and if that’s the case, you can choose a smaller pet urn.

You will love this rock pet urn. It will look amazing as you walk up to your flower garden or memorial outside, and/or it will be the perfect addition to your mantel if you have an earthy, natural décor.

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