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Pet cremation (whether dog cremation or cat cremation) is an affordable option after the loss of an animal. It typically costs $50 to $100 for small animals. This includes birds, rabbits, and ferrets. Some puppies and kittens fall within this range.

The cost to cremate a cat can fall within a range of $100 to $150. Dog cremation for those weighing up to 50 pounds may cost this much as well.

Pet cremation cost range for animals 50 to 120 pounds can be $150 to $350. Larger animals will usually end up at the high end and even more for animals such as horses.

This information on pet cremation cost is for informational purposes only. Each pet crematorium has their own rates, and some may charge less, while others charge more.

Usually, pet cremation cost includes just the cremation process and placing the ashes in a container for delivery. For anything additional such as picking up the pet at home or at a veterinary hospital, there is an added fee. The average cost for pet pickup is $45. To view the cremation process as seen in the pet cremation videos, an added fee of $25 or more can be added to the pet cremation cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Dog?

The cost of pet cremation has a lot to do with pet weight. The larger and heavier a pet is, the more it will cost to cremate. Larger dogs will cost more – over a hundred dollars and even $350 if it’s a Newfoundland or another large breed. This dog cremation cost also depends on the type of cremation. For example, communal or comingled dog cremation cost is much less, than a private dog cremation cost.

The only exception is a toy breed. Toy dog breeds will cost much less. The dog cremation cost is similar to the cost of cremating a cat.

The cost to cremate a cat, as mentioned above, is around $100. Again, the cat cremation cost can be much less if pet owners choose a communal cremation.

Factors that Go Into the Cost of Pet Cremation

Many factors go into the cost of pet cremation. The size of the oven in the crematorium and the amount of business they receive can make a difference. Some new pet crematories will charge less than others do to gain business and a reputation in the local area. More established crematories would often have more options such as viewing the cremation.

Other ways to lower the cost of pet cremation are:

  • Do not use pickup services.
  • Choose not to view the cremation process.

Pet Cremation Services

Pet cremation services available depend on the pet crematorium you choose. Most pet crematory places offer:

  • Pick up services within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Pet cremation viewing.
  • Containers for the pet remains.
  • Memorials

After the cremation, owners receive a certification of cremation. This includes the pet’s name, owner’s name, cremation date and possibly other details.

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