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Pet cremation is a decision many pet owners make when their dog or cat dies. It’s an easy way to preserve the body of the pet, especially when the ashes are either scattered somewhere special or kept inside of an urn for a memorial. The following information explains what pet cremation is, how it works for dogs and cats, pet cremation cost, and how to find a crematorium for your pet’s cremation.

What Is Pet Cremation?

Pet cremation involves placing the body of an animal into an oven (retort) set to an extremely high temperature. Within minutes, the body is turned into fine ashes. The ashes are removed from the oven for delivery to the owner.

There are three different types of cremation procedures:

  1. Private
  2. Comingled
  3. Partitioned

Private Pet Cremation

In a private pet cremation, only one animal is cremated at a time. This means the ashes are almost all of the same pet’s body. The reason it is “almost” is because crematoriums can have “unavoidable incidental comingling.” This means pieces of other animals may be mixed in with the pet’s body. The amount is extremely minimal, and comes from remains being stuck in the oven after a previous cremation.

Comingled or Communal Pet Cremation

Comingled involves places more than one animal into the cremation oven. This means ashes pet owners receive are not of just their animal, but of others as well.

Partitioned Pet Cremation

Some animal crematoriums will offer partitioned pet cremation in which the oven is separated into parts, which means each animal is cremated separately. While many pet owners believe they are receiving a private cremation, this is not the case. While the ashes are mostly of the pet, other animals’ ashes are mixed in but less than that of a comingled or communal pet cremation. The ashes are mostly of the pet owner’s animal, but not as much as in a private pet cremation.

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