Pet Urn Sales: Urns for Dogs & Cats

Remembering Your Pet

It is important to honor the memory of your pet when they are no longer with you.  These pets were an extension of your family and deserve a timeless memorial.  Memorials for a Lifetime offer many products that will help facilitate the grieving process and help make this hard time a little easier.

Right now there are several featured products to make the memory of your lost pet last forever.  The Cody Series Photo Urn is designed for pet owners who wish to display their favorite photograph in honor of their lost pet.  The urn style is hand crafted from your choice of several hardwoods.  This urn is a beautiful and lasting memorial to your beloved pet.

Check out this featured pet memorial and other memorials on Memorials for a Lifetime’ website. This is a way to honor and remember your pet.  With a picture urn, you are characterizing a favorite past time and keeping it forever.