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Planning for End-of-Life Pet Expenses

When your beloved pet comes to the end of his or her life, one of the last things you want to be worrying about is the cost of medical treatment, euthanasia, burial or cremation. Your emotions are overwhelming, and having to figure out how to pay for these expenses just isn’t something you should have to be thinking about. Thankfully, insurance coverage for your pet is becoming more and more common and affordable. While pet insurance has been around since 1890, only recently has it become so readily available. 

Different plans offer highly varied coverage for end-of-life expenses, so do your research. Most pet health insurance plans are intended to help you with medical expenses during your pet’s life to keep him healthy. But some plans do offer coverage for final expenses. Some plans will pay up to a specified amount (typically around $100-$200) for burial or cremation expenses. Some will pay for euthanasia should your pet need it. Others will reimburse your for the purchase price of your pet should he die from accidental causes.

Here are just a handful of popular pet insurance plans that have plans that cover final expenses:

The time to think about insurance coverage for your pet is of course while he is healthy and happy. Though you may not want to envision the possibility of your pet’s death, the truth is that it’s just good planning and will be a lot easier now than when your pet is nearing the end of his life.