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Pit Bull Puppy Survives 9 Days Trapped Under Rubble from Tornado

Jacob Montgomery’s apartment was destroyed when a tornado ripped through Washington, Ill., on Nov. 17. Montgomery, an MP in the Illinois National Guard, survived, but he was separated from his 6-month-old pit bull Dexter.

Pit Bull Puppy Survives Tornado

Montgomery looked through the wreckage several times, but couldn’t find the puppy; so he posted pictures of Dexter on social media in the hopes of finding him.

On Tuesday — nine days later — a miracle.

Montgomery got a Facebook message from a neighbor saying Dexter had been found under the rubble. The dog was malnourished and had a few cuts and scrapes. Otherwise, he was OK. “I am lucky. All I had in my apartment is gone, but my dog was all I really had to worry about,” Montgomery said, according to the Illinois National Guard.

Montgomery is staying with a friend near Peoria, Ill., until he and Dexter can find a new home.