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Pet Loss Gifts for Loved Ones

If you have someone close to you who has recently lost a beloved pet, you may want to give him/her a pet loss gift. It can help the person feel understood and validate his/her feelings. Since this is such a sensitive time, it’s good to know what is okay to give so it doesn’t offend the grieving pet owner.

pet cremation jewelryNecklace

A necklace is a great pet loss gift. You can have it engraved with the pet’s name. Many people choose a heart, but you can sometimes find small necklaces with the type of dog your loved one owned.

You may consider getting a necklace with a small vial for ashes. This pet cremation jewelry can be perfect if the pet owner decided to cremate their beloved pet.

Engraved Quote

This is one of the most popular pet loss gifts for loved ones. You can purchase a frame that can be engraved or search for one with a quote already engraved on it. Your loved one or you can place a photo of the pet in it.

granite pet burial markersPlaque

An engraved plaque with the pet’s name and a special saying on it can be the perfect pet loss gift. This can be placed outside in a memorial or displayed somewhere in the home.


A ring with the pet’s name engraved on the inside or outside makes a great pet loss gift as well. You can usually find some with a design that will make it a lovely addition to any outfit.


A charm bracelet is a nice pet loss gift because you can choose charms that remind your loved one of his/her pet. You can usually find special charms for the loss of a pet online and in jewelry stores, so look out for them.

Custom Dog Portrait

Artists will paint/draw an original of the pet from just a picture. If you can get your hands on one, you’ll be able to have it done and it will be something your loved one will reassure forever.


A beautiful pet urn can be the perfect place for your loved one’s pet’s ashes. Cremation is a decision only the pet owner can make, but if it is what he/she would like to do, offering to buy the urn can make a wonderful pet loss gift.

Keepsake Box

This will hold favorite toys, treats, or photos, so the pet owner can reminisce about the special times he/she had with the pet. It can end up being your loved one’s most treasured item.

When to Give a Pet Loss Gift

It can be hard to know the best time to give a pet loss gift. People grieve for different lengths of time. It’s best to provide comfort first. Once comfort is provided, a pet loss gift should  be given to make the person feel even better about having such a loving, special person in his/her life. Do not rush it. Feel the person out and then give the pet loss gift when you’re both ready for it.