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Pet Gifts for Christmas

Putting your pooch or kitty on your Christmas list might not be something you even think about. He/She is part of your life, and a very special one. Of course, he/she would get something from Santa, right?

If you thought you were alone, you’re not. Actually, the American Pet Products Association surveyed pet owners and found that 53 percent of dogs and 38 percent of cats receive presents from their owners. What’s surprising is that the pet products industry has grown to as much as $60.6 billion. That’s almost double what it was a decade ago.

As the holidays approach, you may wonder what exactly you should buy Fido and Fluffy. The following are some of our favorites:

Doggie Treadmill

pet gifts for christmas

Does your pup need some exercise, but you don’t have a lot of time or space? If so, get the doggie treadmill! This treadmill is perfect for dogs that need to shed some weight or just stay in good shape. All you have to do is set it up and then train your pooch to get on it and walk. At first, it may be a little scary for him/her, but with time, you will see that he/she will love it. Before you know it, he/she will ask to use it rather than you telling him/her to use it.

pet gifts for christmasIlluminated Leash

You won’t have to worry about someone not seeing you when you use this illuminated leash at night. This is perfect for the winter when the sun goes down shortly after 5:00. Don’t worry; there are other colors if you are looking for one.

Kipet gifts for christmastty Wall Perches

This is an awesome set up for your favorite kitty. He/She can climb, jump, and relax on them. With the soft, grass like surface, your kitty will think he/she has the best of both world. The grass under his/her feet with the comforts of the indoors. These perches are stylish for a living room or office. When not in use, you can store items on it.




pet gifts for christmasCat Crib Cat Hammock Black

This cozy cat hammock will be out of the way and give your kitty exactly what he/she wants to get that important shuteye he/she needs. Attach it to just about any chair for a special little hideaway. When you want to clean it, just slide it off the chair legs and throw it in the wash.

Do Your Pets Appreciate It?

Many people wonder if their pets appreciate their gifts. As many pet lovers know, they really do. Pets may not jump up for joy and exclaim how appreciative they are for the gifts, but they do show their gratitude in other ways. They may purr more than usual or rub up against your legs more. They may be under your feet more than usual or they may not pull on the leash as much. Always remember dogs and cats have their own special way of letting you know they are thankful for all you do for them. It’s up to you to pay attention to them to know when they are showing you some love.

Santa with Dog Image courtesy of MDK572