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Our Pick for This Week’s Star Pet Site: Pets for Patriots

We know our audience loves pets. We also know they love to see and read about other people’s pets because it touches a special part of their heart. With that being said, we would like to start highlighting some of the best sites that our followers would enjoy. This week’s star pet site is:

Pet site

Veterans and Pets Make the Perfect Match

This website is dedicated to veterans. It helps them adopt dogs and cats. Why? Because it’s the perfect match. Pets and humans have a special bond – they both need each other to live a happy, healthy life. Pairing veterans with pets helps both overcome the challenges they have been presented with – veterans do what they need to preserve our freedom and pets have been passed up or abused because of the poor decisions of other people. Both are in need, which brings them together to create the perfect match.

The Pets for Patriots Blog

The Pets for Patriots blog features adoption stories of some of their members. For instance, in the blog post “And dog makes three: twice surrendered dog completes Air Force family” a man named John who was in the Air Force hurt his leg, and he needed some motivation to exercise, especially his leg. A dog would be perfect for that.

Donner – a Labrador retriever mix – was staying at a Florida shelter. The poor doggie was already surrendered twice.

The great thing about what happened was that when John saw Donner for the first time, the connection was instant. It’s as though Donner (now Ajax) picked him and his family.

The match was perfect, though. Even though Ajax has some bad habits because of not being trained properly, he’s learning and making great progress. He’s also been helping John get out more, which is exactly what he needed.

In another story, “Special needs pup a lifeline to Navy veteran dogged by depression” a doggie who was severely hurt was matched up with a man with severe depression. Shadow had her tail amputated because of an injury and then it was discovered that her leg was broken in two places, which required treatment. Since she was a stray, it’s unclear if it was due to abuse or just life on the streets.

Mark was honorably discharged from the Navy in 2007 due to depression. Unfortunately, the stress of life didn’t end with that because transitioning from military to civilian life is difficult. His depression became worse. After trying to go back to school and not being able to complete his degree because of his mental health challenges, together with his family they decided to adopt a pet. That’s when his wife saw Brittney (now Shadow) at Jacksonville Humane Society. After a trial, the family decided she was the perfect match for their family.

It’s stories like these that makes Pets for Patriots our star site of the week. An organization that is committed to helping dogs, cats and humans have a life that they truly deserve – a happy one.