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Nothing Can Take Memories from You – Never Forget That

When a pet dies, your natural reaction is to think you’ve lost that love forever. He or she has been part of your life for so long, and now, it’s over.

While this is a natural way to respond, it’s not the best way. It’s not entirely true, either.


Just because your pet is no longer with you, it doesn’t mean he or she is gone forever. We’re not saying he or she can come back from the dead. What we’re talking about is memories.

Memories were being created since the first time you laid eyes on your furbaby. The moment you decided he or she was right for you to the time he or she took the last breath. Your memories have been saved in a special place in your brain. A place that cannot be taken away from you.

For as long as you are able to remember, you will have those memories with you. The memories that make you smile, laugh, and yes, sometimes cry. Those memories are all that you have now, and that is okay. It would be much worse if you did not have them.

Just imagine – if you didn’t have memories, you would be grieving your pet’s death much more intensely because you wouldn’t have anything to hold onto. You would have nothing. This would be so devastating, wouldn’t it?

With your memories, you can hug them and go to them whenever you need that comfort. The comfort you used to get from your beloved pet each day. Yes, the memories will never replace having your pet by your side, but they can make the process of living life without your pet much more bearable.

How Can You Use Your Memories?

Your memories are with you right now. Bring them up, even if they may make you upset. It’s okay – it’s all part of the process.

When you bring up your memories, tell yourself that they are there for you – to comfort and give you hope for a future that will be better because of the influence your beloved pet has had on you.

Remember, these horrible situations in life can make you stronger. They can help you move on with a new threshold of pain that can help you deal with future misfortunes with much more confidence.

You can use this coping strategy to help you in the future. Whenever a person or pet passes, you will always be able to turn to your memories.

Memories Are Important to Us

Memories are something we at Memorials for a Lifetime feel very strongly about which is why our motto is Memories for a Lifetime. The pet urns and figurines are all about capturing those memories. Whenever customers look at the urns or figurines they purchase from us, they will be reminded of their beloved pet. This will conjure memories they will reflect on for a few minutes. These memories will often make them smile…and that’s why we love what we do.

We love helping people through this difficult time in life. We’re here for you.