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Memories for a Lifetime

Memorials for a Lifetime’ motto is: Memories for a Lifetime. We feel the urns we sell help pet owners preserve their memories for a lifetime. This can be interpreted in a few different ways.

Memories of the Beloved Pet

Most people think Memories for a Lifetime means that our urn preserves their pet’s memories. Yes, that is true. When you use an urn to store your pet’s remains, you will have him/her by your side for as long as you live. The pet’s remains inside of that urn give many people comfort because he/she is not gone forever.

The memory of the pet lives for as long as the owner is alive.

Memories of Good Times

Memories for a Lifetime doesn’t just stay with the pet, it goes further than that. All of the memories the pet owner has of the pet are preserved inside of the urn. When a pet owner looks at one of our urns, he/she remembers those long walks around the neighborhood and park. The time playing catch or even that time the pet got into a lot of trouble. All of those memories can come back quickly for many years….for a lifetime.

The urn becomes a symbol of memories of something special that was one part of the owner’s life.

Memories of Life

The urn can also represent the owner’s memories. By remembering the pet and time spent with him/her, most people will move beyond it and begin having memories of other times in his/her life. Usually, these memories come from similar feelings experienced with the pet. This could be moments with another pet, a child, or other special loved ones. These memories roll into others, and before the owner is aware, they have spent a significant amount of time reflecting on the past. This meditation is beneficial to the person’s health and can help them appreciate all they have been through in life.

The memories urns evoke are for a lifetime. For as long as the owner is alive, he/she can remember a special pet, experiences with the pet, and other moments that elicited the same types of feelings.

Capturing It All in One Memorials for a Lifetime’ Urn

Most people have photos of their pets. These photos are usually tucked away in a drawer somewhere. They get lost. Even when someone places his/her pet’s photo into a frame, the frame often gets put to the side somewhere or into a drawer overtime.

Urns are different. Most people don’t put their urns in a drawer somewhere. Their pet’s remains are much more sentimental. They are cherished more, and because of that, they stay close to the owner.

It’s the proximity that causes the flood of memories that come from an urn. These memories are good ones. They aren’t ones you want to put to side or in a drawer to be forgotten.

Find the perfect urn to capture your memories for a lifetime. We would love to assist you in any way we can, so contact us with any questions.