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Memorials for a Lifetime

Our motto here at Memorials for a Lifetime is, “Memorials for a Lifetime.” Today, we’d like to share with you a little bit about the thought that went into adopting that phrase for our business.

When you lose a beloved pet, it is even clearer what an important part that pet played in your life. Whether it was your dog who accompanied you everywhere you went, or your cat who was always waiting to snuggle with you when you got home from work, your pet had a strong physical and emotional presence in your life. When a pet passes on, your own life continues without that special presence.

But just because your pet is no longer physically with you doesn’t mean that the memories generated during his lifetime have to die with him. That’s where we got the idea for our motto. You see, memorializing your pet’s remains with an elegant pet urn help you to preserve the memories of your pet’s lifetime. In such a way, you can keep them alive for the rest of your lifetime. That is why a pet urn or memorial from Memorials for a Lifetime is a memorial for a lifetime.