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Learn About Saint Francis – The Keeper of Pets

St. FrancisSaint Francis is the Catholic Saint known for his compassion towards the poor, sick, and animals. People turn to St. Francis to help them when they are struggling, especially during the loss of a pet.

About St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis was named after France when his father returned home after a trip to find his wife had given birth to a son. His family was wealthy, and he wanted his son to grow up a man of business, rather than a religious one.
As he grew up, he himself said, “I lived in sin during that time.” When Assisi declared war on the neighboring town Perugia, he joined the army.

Most of the troops died during the battle and those that didn’t ended up chained in a dark dungeon. After a year as a prisoner, he was released. His experience didn’t change him, though. He went right back to living the sinful life he had before the battle.

One night God came to him and said he was living his life in the wrong way and that he needed to return home. This was shortly after he left to join another battle, and when his father saw him knowing full well he couldn’t have won yet, he became very upset. He was also called a coward and was laughed at by everyone in the town.

Over the next 25 years, Francis began to pray more. He cried for his sins to God many times. Sometimes, he could feel God’s presence helping him. One day, when he was visiting a church in San Damiano, the crucifex spoke to him, “Francis, repair my church.”

Francis went to his father and stole the money to repair the church. His father caught him, dragged him to the bishop, and demanded that he not only return the money, but give up all rights to his heir. Unfortunately, Francis misunderstood God’s request. God wanted him to repair his church, as in repair the current state of the faith people had in him.

When Francis understood, he started to preach to others, and ended up with a following. He became the founder of the Franciscan Order. Through this order, he took care of the poor and sick. It was only two years after his death that he was canonized as a saint.

St. Francis is the patron of animals because people believed that he had a special connection to them. They thought he understood them better than anyone else. He would speak to them and care for them with tenderness.
This is why people turn to St. Francis today for condolence after their pet dies.

St. Francis Pet Urn

It’s comforting to know there is a saint that takes care of animals. At Memorials for a Lifetime, we offer a pet urn that is the statue of St. Francis. You can place your beloved pet’s ashes inside of it. It’s almost as if you’re giving your pet to St. Francis, while being able to keep him beside you.
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