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How to Move with Your Pet Urn

One of your most prized possession is your pet urn. It holds the remains of your beloved pet who you loved more than most humans. As you move on with life, you may find yourself moving into a new home. This means you’ll have to prepare your pet’s urn for a safe move.

Have Someone Hold It

Many people moving with a pet urn will have someone hold it while they are in the car to their new home. This works perfectly if you are moving in the local area. It doesn’t work well if you need to drive for many hours, or you can’t get to your new home by driving.

Pack It

For long car rides, you may want to package your pet urn standing up in an open box. It’s important to place stuffing around it to make sure that it won’t tip over. The box should be a shallow one, so it doesn’t tip over either. If possible, position the box on the floorboard or in a seat. If you have it in the seat, try to place the seatbelt around the box to secure it. Try to move it with your hand to make sure that it won’t tip over. During your trip, test it frequently to make sure that it hasn’t become lose.

Take It as a Carry-On

For those who are moving far away and need to use a plane to get their new home, you can bring the pet urn with you in a carry-on bag. Package it so it doesn’t move and hold the bah upright. When you get on the plane, as the flight attendant if you can hold the urn in your lap. Explain that it is very special to you, and usually they will allow you to do that. Ask the flight attendant before you take the urn out of the bag that you’ve packaged it in, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of putting it back in the bag and ensuring that it won’t move.

An Option You May Want to Consider

Some people will remove the ashes from the pet urn. They will place the ashes in a Ziploc bag and then wrap the urn in bubble wrap. The ashes can be easily placed in a suitcase, purse, or another type of bag. This keeps the ashes safe since the urn is fragile.

Just be ready for this to be a messy process. You will need a small shovel or use your hands to scoop up the ashes. This can be disturbing to some people, so make sure you are okay with this before doing it. You also may lose some of the ashes in the process. It’s not something you want to do too many times.

By implementing these tips, you can move your pet urn safely. If you have any tips for our readers, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you and our readers would love the help.