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How to Decide on Pet Cremation

When your pet dies, you have a difficult decision to make – burial or cremation. Some people know right off the bat what they want to do. Others have never thought about it, and now are left with the hard feelings of dealing with their pet’s passing AND what they are going to do. Hopefully, the information that follows will help you come to an informed decision.

Consider the Options

You have three options:

  1. Bury your pet
  2. Cremate him or her
  3. Dispose of your pet

Since many people who are searching for what to do about their pet aren’t fond of the idea of throwing him or her into the trash, the only other two options are burial and cremation.

You can bury your pet in your yard or at a pet cemetery. Some people who decide to bury their pet will choose a pet cemetery if they know they won’t be in the same house for much longer. For those that do plan on staying where they are, the backyard seems like the logical choice.

Pet burial can be less expensive than pet cremation, especially if you decide to bury him or her in the yard. Pet cemeteries can be quite expensive, but it’s worth it to some people who want to be able to go visit their faithful friend anytime they are nearby.

Cremation is the alternative. With cremation, a thermal process is used to reduce an animal to its bone fragments. It takes up two hours for this process to complete. Once the bone fragments are left, the crematorium worker pulverizes the fragments, which produces fine ashes. The fine ashes look like gritty gray substance. It’s usually contained in a plastic bag or sturdy cremation jewelry

When you receive your pet’s ashes, you have another decision to make – spreading, keeping, or burying the ashes. You can spread the ashes in a place where your furry friend loved to be for his final resting place. You can place the ashes in a pet urn, and display it in your yard as part of a memorial or in your home somewhere. Some people take some of the ashes and place them in a piece of jewelry meant for pet ashes, so they can take their pet wherever they go. The final option is to bury the ashes, which can be much simpler if you have a large pet.

How to Make the Decision?

Think about what makes you most comfortable. Also think about the future and if you’re going to want to be able to bring your pet with you if you move. If you don’t believe you’ll move out of the area, but you will move out of your current home, a pet urn or pet cemetery would be best.  If you think you’ll move out of the area, a pet urn would be the best option.

Give yourself some time. The answer will come to when you’re ready. In the meantime, take care of yourself.

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