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Holding onto the Past in a Good Way

Many people will say you should never hold onto the past. It’s not a good idea. You end up a prisoner of the what ifs. It’s all true. However, there are times when it’s a good idea to hold onto the past. The past can comfort you in ways that far exceed the negatives.

When you are grieving your pet’s death, you need to hold onto the past. If you don’t hold onto it, you’ll feel as though you are free falling. You’ll become anxious, even sadder, and you’ll have a hard time getting a grip on reality.

The past is what is going to help you through this difficult time in your life. You need it and you should use it.

When the Past Becomes a Problem

Of course, you shouldn’t use the past when it hurts you. The past can hurt you when you use it to show how you didn’t do something. For example, if you didn’t get to your pet in time and that’s the reason he or she died. You cannot remunerate about that event because there is nothing you can do about it.

The past is the past and you cannot change it. No matter how many times you revisit it. No matter how many times you wish it wasn’t the way it was….you cannot change it.

This is not what you should hold onto. You need to be selective in how you hold onto the past.

What You Should Hold Onto from the Past

You need to hold onto the good parts of your past. Remember the first time you saw your furbaby, remember when you played outside with him or her, and remember what it felt like to hug each other. This the past you need to pay attention to because it’s what is going to get you by during the toughest times.

Anytime you’re feeling down in the dumps, you can turn to the memories you have from the past. Those memories will calm you and make you appreciate having your furbaby with you, even if you don’t have him or her now.

You will derive strength from the past to help you make it to the future successfully. It’s amazing how the past can help you, especially when everyone is always telling you to let it go.

The past is the past, but as long as you are not trying to change it, you can use it to benefit you. Go ahead and give it a try. You will likely find that it can be quite helpful as you move through the mourning process. You will find that you can use the past in a good way, and you may just start telling others that they should hold onto the past too. It’s truly is something that can make your present and future much more bearable.