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Hand Painted Portrait of Your Beloved Pet

When you lose a pet, a part of you goes missing. Your best friend is no longer beside you to share in your joys and sorrows. While you cannot do anything to bring him or her back, there is something you can do to keep the memories alive.

Consider a Hand Painted Portrait

A hand painted portrait of your beloved pet is the perfect way to keep your buddy’s face always vividly near you. A renown American artist paints the portraits from a picture you already have, so that the painting looks as true to life as possible. All you have to do is choose the picture you like the best.

What’s even better is that this painted portrait will last a lifetime. A picture may fade or tear, but a hand painted one won’t do that.

hand painted portrait wooden urn
Nicholas Series Hand Painted Wooden Urn

A Wooden Urn with the Portrait

You can take it one step further by having the hand painted picture of your pet on an urn. With our wooden hand painted urns – part of our Nicholas Series – you will have your beloved pet’s face on it. You can also include a 1” x 3” plate on the urn where you can engrave your pet’s name, date of birth and death, or a short message.

The urn can store your pet’s remain securely. You will never have to worry about your pet being away from you with a wooden urn. You can place it on a mantel, on a bedside table, or on an accent table. Wherever you go, your pet goes with you, just like when he was alive.

This particular urn accommodates a pet up to 150 pounds.

Some people do not believe they can take advantage of this because they do not have a good picture of their pet. This is untrue. All you need is an image of your pet that you feel portrays him or her the best.  The artist will be able to take that image and give you a portrait that you will love. Sometimes, a picture may look blurry or light, but the hand painted version looks much better.

If you have any concerns or questions about it, please feel free to contact Memorials for a Lifetime. We would be happy to help you with this order since it’s such a special one to pet owners.

Giving This as a Gift

Many loved ones want to do something special because they know their family member or friend is grieving. A hand painted portrait of their beloved pet is the perfect gift. While this one pictured here is an urn, and not everyone wants their pet cremated, the hand painted portrait can be something that your loved one will treasure anyway. Some people will use the opening for other reasons such as writing letters to their beloved pet and then placing them inside of it. It’s safely kept away from anyone else, so it stays between owner and pet.

We hope that you’ll find this hand painted portrait wooden urn the perfect keepsake for your beloved pet.