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Gift Idea: Pet Figurines

pet figurinesMany people don’t know that we have some great gifts for pet owners. As you know, pet lovers enjoy having mementos around their home that tell guests that they are in love with their pets. You’ll usually see pictures in multiple places, newspaper and magazine clippings, and printed social media posts of funny dog or cat pictures. You always know when someone is a dog and/or cat lover.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for your pet lover, we have it for you – pet figurines. These figurines are small and made with high-quality materials. They come with a white base, so the recipient can place it on a shelf, on top of a table, or in some other sturdy location.

What we love about these figurines is that they have great detail. You will find that these figurines are replicas to the breed they belong to, and we have just about every single breed imaginable. If you do not see the breed you need for your loved one, we invite you to contact us. We can always check to make sure we don’t have it, and then help you with your search. We can usually find the breed that our customers request, so reach out to us.

What About Mixed Breeds?

Just because your loved one has a mixed breed, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to purchase one of these figurines. The best thing to do is to look for a figurine that looks like your loved one’s pet as close as possible. Many mixed breeds look more like one breed than another, so you can choose the one that resembles him or her the most.

How to Personalize Them

While we do not personalize the figurines, you can get creative with the figurine’s base. You can decorate the base with the name of your loved one’s pet. Some of our customers have written quotes on the base, while others have simply just put some embellishments on it. You can do whatever you would like with it to make it a special, thoughtful gift.

An Inexpensive Gift

These figurines have been made with a lot of care and time. We know that some pet figurines can be expensive, which is why we have been able to price ours reasonably. All of our figurines are just $34.99. This price is low enough that you can buy a few of them for your loved ones.



Please note: These are not figurine urns, so they do not hold your pet’s remains. We do have pet figurine urns available. Consider those if you are looking for a final resting place for your beloved pet.

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