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Figurine Urn

DFIGd_52-300x300Memorials for a Lifetime understand the importance of remembering your pet and offer a wide selection of memorials. These memorials are handcrafted and customized to honor the memory of your pet. Memorials for a Lifetime know that pets are a part of the family, which is why they are a part of this unique market.

One of the featured memorials this month is the Figurine Urn. This is the most popular pet urn because it is customized and classy. The highly detailed figurine is made from durable resins and is mounted to the traditional sold hardwood urn. There are over 400 different purebred dog breeds to choose from when selecting the most appropriate figurine to honor your lost pet. The hardwood is available in maple, oak or walnut.

This urn is perfect for those pet owners who are wishing to display this classic memorial in honor of their pet. It is important to commemorate your lost pet because they truly were your best friend. Please take time to look at these classic customized pet urns that allow the memory of your pet to live on forever.