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Feline Breed of the Week – American Bobtail

American Bobtails are lovable cats. They will show you how much they love you over and over again.

Their intelligence is obvious, as they can be trained to do many things. Some people have even been able to train them to relieve themselves in a toilet.

They enjoy being part of a family warming up to their owners quickly. This isn’t a cat that will disappear for hours a day. They want to be next to their owners as much as possible.

Games are a favorite pastime for American Bobtails. They love to play hide and seek. They even play fetch if you’re willing to invest the time in training.

If you ever have any flies or anything else in your home, the American Bobtail is perfect for you. Their hunting instinct is strong, so they will do whatever they need to in getting what shouldn’t be in your home.

The Bobtail isn’t a big breed, but isn’t a small one either. Many people pick up a Bobtail thinking he or she is light, but then are surprised by the weight.

The American Bobtail has two coat lengths – dense shorthair or medium longhair. Usually, all you have to do is brush the coat regularly and bathe him or her once and a while. Many American Bobtails love baths, so it’s not too difficult.

A Friendly Kitty

The American Bobtail loves other animals. They will show the same love and affectionate to other pets as they do owners.

Many owners have seen their American Bobtail play aggressively with dogs to the point of fearing harm. Usually, it’s all in fun, though. They are tough and as long as the dog behaves, everything usually ends up fine.

If you’ve owned an American Bobtail, much of what you read here probably resonates with you. They are awesome feline friends that are surely missed when they depart from this world.

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