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Faith During Pet Loss

When you lose a pet, it can be difficult to shake the agony. You may feel as though it’s not fair you have to do deal with this situation, especially if you’ve lost someone close to you recently. A part of you may question your faith, and that can make the situation even worse.

People go through many emotions when they experience a death of someone they love. One of the most concerning emotions is anger. People have different degrees of anger while they are grieving. Some people will be so upset they can’t contain themselves. They may yell at others, hurt themselves, or isolate themselves. This anger is what can test people’s faith.

If you’re dealing with pet loss right now and your faith is being affected by it, consider consciously turning it around. Faith can be incredibly helpful to you right now. It can pull you through the worst feelings you will feel. It’s the hope when you feel hopeless.

Praying – A Way to Breathe

Praying is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. Research has shown this type of meditation can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and many other functions of the body that seem to increase during stress. When these functions slow down, so do your emotions. You can then handle them better.

Not only does the act of prayer help you, but what you say during it can too. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of thoughts running through your mind about losing your pet. It can be difficult to keep up with all of them. However, when you slow down and start praying, you will likely find that it’s much easier to untangle them. You may even be able to start making sense of them. This can help you come to conclusions that you weren’t able to before, which will get you through painful periods.

The Power of Faith

Faith can give you strength. Just knowing you are not in this alone can be incredibly powerful. You can feel as though you don’t have to move forward with this pain on your own. There’s someone holding you up as you trudge through all of the feelings you’re dealing with at this time. You may even find yourself doing things that you normally would have thought would make you too sad such as setting up a memorial for your pet.

It’s the faith that helps you see that even though your beloved pet has left your side, you have not lost him or her forever. Someday, you will be able to see him or her again. Just this possibility may be enough to help you feel as though you can make it through and come out of this situation in one piece.

Look inside yourself and find that faith that may have faltered. If you’re still feeling angry, allow yourself to soften a bit. It may just help you get through it all much easier.