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Factors in Pet Cremation Costs

When considering pet cremation, one of the first questions you probably have is how much it will cost. It’s difficult to give you an accurate price because there are a lot of factors that go into the cost of pet cremation. Understanding what those factors are will help you decide if this is what you want for your deceased pet.

Type of Cremation

There are two types of cremation: group and individual. Group cremation is more than one animal is cremated at a time. This means that the ashes are an accumulation of many animals. Individual cremation is just your pet. When you receive the ashes, they only belong to your pet.

Group cremation is less expensive. Since they only have to do the process once for many animals, it’s less costly for the crematory. Pet cremation costs often depend on how much the crematory has to spend on the process.

Pet Weight

Larger pets take longer to cremate, which uses up more the crematory worker’s time, effort and crematory. As mentioned above, the more costly it is to cremate your pet, the more you will pay. This is why large pets cost more than small pets.


Your location has a lot to do with pet cremation cost. Those living in rural areas will often spend less than those living in the city will. The cost of living is usually higher in metropolitan areas, and that ends up affecting crematory costs as well.

Pick Up or Delivery

Many crematory will charge more if they have to come to you to pick up your pet. If you choose to deliver your pet to them, you’ll save on their pick up costs.

After hour picks up, which includes during the night or on the weekend, will cost you. Some crematories charged as much as $45 for just pick up.

Ash Delivery Requests

Most crematories will deliver ashes in a small Ziploc bag or box. You can have them deliver the ashes in other ways, but you’ll need to pay for that.

Viewing the Cremation

Some people would like to watch the cremation process. While not all crematories allow this, many do. If they do allow you to watch it, the fee is usually $25.

The Average Cost of Pet Cremation

Pet cremation can cost as little as $55 for small animals all the way up to $350 for large animals up to 120 pounds. Size is such a big factor in cremation cost that you’ll need to ask the crematory you’re interested in using how much they charge for your size pet.

If you have pet insurance, you may be able to use it for cremation. Call your insurance company to see if you have that coverage. This can reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Remember, group cremation is less expensive. If you bring your pet to the crematory, don’t ask for any extras, and choose group cremation, you’ll end up with the best price for pet cremation.

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