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Experts in Pet Loss

When you shop online, you may come across many sites selling pet urns. These sites often have one mission – make money off the loss of your pet. Most of them do not have the experience or empathy of losing a pet. They simply want your money. 

Memorials for a Lifetime – Our Mission

Our mission is different. We know what it’s like to experience pet loss. My wife and I have lost pets before, and when we did, we were devastated. We wanted to do anything possible to have our pets back in our life. 

This is what propelled us into looking for pet urns. We knew cremation was what we wanted to do, but we didn’t want to spread all of the ashes. We wanted to keep a part of our pets with us. 

As we searched for pet urns, we found that they were expensive! Unbelievably expensive! We couldn’t imagine them being so much money, so we started doing some research and found out why. Crematories and many sites only deal with drop shippers and other middlemen to acquire their urns. Since they have to pay those suppliers, they increase the price. Essentially, you end up paying for the handling and supplying of the urns to the seller. That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

After purchasing our pet urns, we knew we had to do something about the situation. That’s when we realized we could sell pet urns for much less, as long as we had a supply of them ourselves. So, that’s what we did. 

When you purchase pet urns from us, you receive the best price possible online for the quality we provide. Yes, that means you may find lower prices elsewhere, but in this industry, you get what you pay for. 

We know what you’re going through right now. We know you are devastated. We have been there. 

We are here to help you. This is why we have so many blog posts dedicated to helping you with your grief. Our mission isn’t only to make money – we want to help you through this painful time in your life. 

Please browse our selection of pet urns, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.