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Dealing With Emotions From Losing a Pet


Losing a pet is no easy matter.  Many people will judge a person for grieving over the loss of a pet for more than a couple days, but that is probably because they don’t have a lot of experience with loss.  The loss of a pet can be just as intense as the loss of a person for the owner of the pet.  If you have ever lost a pet, you’ve probably experienced an array of emotions for the loss of your pet.  Anger, guilt, denial, and depression are the most popular emotions that are felt among pet owners when they lose a pet.  

The emotions you feel for the loss of your pet will greatly depend on many different factors such as your personality, upbringing, the type of relationship or attachment to your pet, and your cultural or religious beliefs.  Some other important factors are how the pet died.  If your pet died due to old age, you may not grieve as intensely or as long as you would if your pet died suddenly before his/her time.  Regardless of the circumstances of your pets death, there is grief that has to be dealth with.

The first step is to acknowledge the loss of your pet, and acknowledge the emotions you feel due to that loss.  The are many ways to accomplish this taks.  You can cry, call a friend a talk about it, or write it down in a journal.  Express everything your feeling, and leave nothing unsaid.  To deny or repress your feelings would be to devalue the important role your pet played in your life.  It is okay if your grief lasts a few days, or even a few weeks.  Let yourself feel those emotions.

It is important to remember something about experience the loss of a pet; you will never get over the loss.  However, you will get something even better, peace.  Peace is what you need to move on.  Peace is what your heart truly needs.  There is no need to forget your pet.  You want to honor them and remember them through the peace you have in your heart.  Peace will come as you healthily deal with your emotions.