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Breed of the Week – German Shepherd

german shepherdThe German Shepherd is a strong dog. If you’ve had one, you know how muscular, sturdy, and solid these dogs are.

Their head is proportionate to their body with the forehead rounded. The nose is usually black, and it’s the only color it can be if it’s shown in a dog show. Some German Shepherds have a blue or liver colored nose, and this is against regulations.

The German Shepherd teeth are strong. They bite down in a scissor bite.

Their eyes are a deep black color. They are shaped like almonds.

Their eyes are wide at the base and then form a point. Puppies under six months old often have droopy ears that end up standing erect as they become adults.

The coat of the German Shepherd is plush, and it’s a double coat. The colors are usually black and tan, sable, or all black. There are some German Shepherd who are white, blue, or liver, but these are not considered show colors.

german shepherdThe Temperament of the German Shepherd

German Shepherds are:

  • Courageous
  • Keen
  • Alert
  • Fearless

They are very obedient and cheerful. Whenever you want to train this dog, he or she will be ready. They seek to please.

They want to be with families all of the time. They do not like strangers. This is what makes them great as guard dogs.

German Shepherds should be socialized as puppies. They shouldn’t be kept in isolation for long periods of times. They are social dogs, and need that closeness to remain mentally healthy.

Exercise is important for German Shepherds because they have a lot of energy. Walks, runs, or a dog park are perfect activities for them.

It’s important that owners understand they need to keep the authority in the relationship. If they feel they are the leader, they will not listen or obey commands. Training needs to be done early on in puppyhood and consistent throughout the breed’s life. Never trained aggressively because this breed does not response well to it. They need to feel as though they are following you, not the other way around.

German Shepherds Work

German Shepherds are hard workers. They have been used as guard dogs, police dogs, and guide dogs. Their noses are highly sensitive, so they can sniff our prey, drugs, and even intruders. Some German Shepherds can even sniff our mines, bombs, and gas leaks buried 15 feet underground!

Remembering Your German Shepherd

As you read this, you probably remember how brave, strong, and smart your German Shepherd was all those years. To preserve those memories for a lifetime, consider our German Shepherd figurine pet urns.

The come with a detailed figurine on the top of the wooden pet urn. The German Shepherd figurine properly has markings much like yours did. This is why many of our customers choose it for their urn – it brings back all of those fond memories for their dog.

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