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Breed of the Week – American Bulldog

Many people confuse the English Bulldog with the American Bulldog because they are close in appearance. While they do look similar, there are key differences the American Kennel Club has identified that makes the American Bulldog quite unique.

American Kennel Club Standards for the Bulldog


The American Kennel Club has these standards for the American Bulldog:

Tail: Short and straight, but can be screwed

Ears: Small ears that are set high on the head

Eyes: Dark and deep set

Colors: Brindle, white, red, fawn, pale yellow or piebald

Build: Low slung, broad and muscular

Weight: 40-50 pounds

Height 12-16 pounds

american-bulldog-179677_960_720About the Bulldog

The bulldog has a face that everyone remembers. It’s mug is well-known because of its scrunch appearance. Whenever anyone sees the bulldog, they immediately think he or she is dominant and strong. Their attitude plays into this appearance.

Their stance seems as though they are in conflict with their loose skin, as they shuffle from place to place. They tend to leap when they run because of their shorter legs.

These dogs are incredibly loyal and affectionate. They are docile, gentle, and don’t usually get excited. Many owners proclaim their bulldog is lazy, and that is just what this dog wants to be.

It’s a great pet for children because it is calm and loving. Patience is high, but bulldogs will snap at children who push their limits.

Bulldogs are smart and can be taught to play many hand games such as fetch. It’s not a good idea to take bulldogs on long walks or runs though because they can become overheated.

The leading cause of death for the bulldog is cardiac related. Cancer and old age are the other two common causes of death. Their lifespan on average is 10 to 11 years.

Bulldogs are best friends. They want to be with their owner all of the time, and have mastered the look of undying love. If you want a dog that will love you unconditionally and show you how awesome you are every single day, a bulldog is perfect.

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