Pet Urn Sales: Urns for Dogs & Cats

Memorials for a Lifetime Commitment to Quality

In many of our product description on our site, you will see “high quality” mentioned. This may seem like we are trying to oversell you our urns, but that’s not what we are doing.

At Memorials for a Lifetime, we believe it’s important to provide the best quality products possible. We know when we purchase products, we want them to work well and last a long time. If not, we feel as though we’ve lost our money, and that does not make us happy.

We want to make you happy.

It’s not only about making you happy with the process of purchasing an urn. We know our site details each of the urns, so you know what we have available to make a decision. We know our checkout process is simple. We also know our delivery is quick.

While these aspects of a purchase are important, what we also really care about is your experience after the purchase process is over. When you have the urn in your home, you’ve placed the ashes inside of it, and use it to remember your beloved pet.

We want to make sure our urns hold your pet’s ashes securely. This is why we always ensure the urns we choose to sell have a tamper-resistant closure. Most of the urn, such as the wooden pet urns, have a closure on the bottom of it. There are four screws that holds it in place. The only way to get the closure off is to unscrew the four screws. When you replace the screws, the closure is in place tightly and there’s no chance the ashes will fall out of it. Even if there is an accident in which the urn drops, the ashes should be safe.

Speaking of accidents, another consideration when choosing the urns we carry is that they are durable. A small drop should not completely ruin the urn unless it’s a ceramic one that hits concrete. We want our urns to last a lifetime, so we make sure the manufacturers only use the best, hardiest materials. For example, all of our wooden urns are made of solid hardwood.

Attractiveness is a priority as well. Our pet figurine urns have a figurine of a dog, and they are handcrafted. We want them made this way because it shows the details of each breed. It’s also much better in quality than reproductions made with machines. When you see the figurines, you will know that they are ones that were made with care.

Thank you for reading about our commitment to quality. It’s important to us, just as it is important to you.