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A Way to Keep Your Best Friend Close

When you lose a pet that is part of your family, it is incredibly hard. This pet was your best friend and helped you through a lot of hard times in your life. They loved you unconditionally and respected you no matter what. They were always there for you. In this grieving period, it is hard to let go of such an important part of your life.

Memorials for a Lifetime offers pet owners a way to keep a part of their pet with them always. This elegant keepsake pendant is a perfect way to keep your former best friend close to your heart. The pendant is hand-crafted from solid sterling silver and includes a 20 inch chain. This pendant is designed to keep a tiny clip of hair or portion of cremains to help remember your pet.

This featured pet memorial is a way to remember your loved one and keep a piece of them close to you forever. Please take a moment to look at this classic pendant that preserves the memory of your pet.