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A New Pet Will Never Replace One That’s Gone

Many people do not want to get a new pet because they feel as though they would be replacing the one that died. While it may seem that way, it’s not what you are doing. Anyone with a pet understands getting a new dog after one dies doesn’t mean you do not care about the deceased, it simply means you have room for a new pet in your life.

How to Step Into a Life with a New Pet

It’s not easy to make the decision to get another pet after one dies. Jumping into it will not make it any better. Many people end up feeling worse after getting another pet, while other people feel much better. This is why you should tread lightly with this situation.

It’s best to take your time with the decision of getting a new pet. This means researching the type of pet you would like to get, and spending time with the pet, if possible. If you’re not able to spend time with the exact pet you are thinking of getting, you can always spend time with others at an animal shelter, humane society, or pet store. Volunteering is a great way to put yourself around animals you love, and start to feel better about taking care of other pets.

If possible, see if you are able to bring a favorite animal home. You can simply foster the pet at first. This way you can see how you feel about having another animal in your home. You may be completely fine with it, or it might break your heart too much. The good news is you would be able to test the waters before jumping into a commitment of owning a pet.

Dealing with the Emotions

As you open yourself up to a new pet, you may struggle with some intense emotions. You may find yourself thinking about how this animal is nothing like the one you had before. You may grow angry, sad, and regretful.

Give yourself time. You’re right. This pet is nothing like the one you’ve lost. That’s okay, though. With time, you will begin to love this pet as much as you loved the one that has died – just in a different way.

It may help to bring up your other pet to your new one at times. As you’re conversing with him or her, show a picture of your beloved pet who has died and talk about the times shared. You can include your new pet in the conversation by pointing out that you may be able to do that with him or her too.

The point is you don’t have to forget about your deceased pet. You can simply bring in a new pet to add to your life because you have the time to give him or her deserved attention.