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A Community for Pet Loss Support

Memorials for a Lifetime isn’t only a website for urns. It is a place for people who have lost a pet.

The experience of losing a pet is a traumatic one. If anyone has ever lost one, he/she knows the devastation that comes along with it.

The reason we started Memorials for a Lifetime is to support people who have lost a beloved cat or dog. With our urns, priced much lower than others, we wanted to provide a way for people to keep their pets close to them forever. By placing ashes in an urn, pet owners can place it wherever they like to feel the connection indefinitely.

With our blog, we would like to do something more. We would like to provide support to our readers. We have many readers who seek advice from our posts, but they may not comment below them. This could be from fear and embarrassment.

There is nothing to be afraid of or embarrassed about. Everyone here is experiencing the same loss. While not everyone may feel the same way, the feelings are similar.

Over the course of the next few weeks into the New Year, we will be publishing stories of people who have lost their pets. Some of them are our customers and others are just people who have found us and want to share their stories.

Please consider adding a comment below the post. Your comment can be comforting to the person who has shared his/her story, or it can be your own story about losing your pet. We welcome any comments you may have about your pet or feelings.

The Importance of Community for Pet Loss Support

Dealing with pet loss can be a lonely experience. Others around you may know you’re having a difficult time with it, but they don’t know exactly how bad you’re feeling. You only know that. Sometimes, it helps to read about other people’s experiences because while no one will have the same exact feelings, you may be able to pick and pull some of other people’s feeling to see that yours are completely normal and valid. One of the worst feelings during mourning is thinking you shouldn’t be feeling the way you do. At Memorials for a Lifetime, we want to be able to show that everyone is doing exactly what they should do in their mourning.

Through comments on posts and by joining our community on Facebook here, we will be able to bring mourners from around the world to one place. This is our wish and mission and we hope you’ll be willing to join.