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A Beloved Pet Will Always Have a Special Place in Your Heart

When you first got your furbaby, you probably went through the growing pains. Thinking back, you probably smile at all of the times you became upset because of the shoes he/she destroyed, or all of the places he/she went potty. It was a chaotic time and you often contemplated on why you decided to welcome this little furthing into your life.

After a few weeks, things got better, and you started to love the furbaby. The furbaby grew, and even know he/she will always be your furbaby, he/she became an adult. An adult you grew very fond of.

You guys talked. You played. You even cried together. The time you spent with your baby were ones you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

Now, your furbaby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He or she is gone. No longer beside you.

It’s true that physically your beloved pet is no longer with you. You may have decided to cremate your furbaby and use an urn for a special memorial or you buried him or her somewhere.

What’s important to remember is your furbaby is not gone – not completely.

Your beloved pet will always have a special place in your heart.

If you take a few minutes to be still and look deep inside of you, it’s likely you will feel something in your heart. You will feel a piece of your heart that seems to be tighter than the rest. It’s warm, though. If you just take a minute to pay attention, you may just see an image of your pet’s face on that place in your heart.

You’re not delusional. It’s the place your pet has ended up – a special place in your heart.

You can now use that place in your heart to help you through this tough time. Knowing he or she is in there will help you grieve. It will comfort you.

You can always turn to this place in your heart. You can hug it through your imagination. You can speak to it through your prayers. You can just feel good knowing that your pet is not gone completely forever.

See – your pet is part of your heart. No one and nothing can ever take that away from you. Doesn’t that feel nice inside?

You may have lost your pet because of death, but you will never lose him or her in your heart.

Keep this with you during the toughest of times. It will help you. You will be able to deal with the powerful emotions that come along with grief. As you recover, your pet will remain exactly where he or she should – inside of your heart…forever.