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 10 Ways to Display a Pet Urn

A pet urn is not only something you can place your beloved’s remains in for close keeping, it’s something that can be used as a decoration in your home, yard, and even car. Many people have displayed their pet’s urn in creative ways to make it a symbolic and beautiful addition. The following are some of those ways, so you can start thinking of a great way to display yours.

#1: On a Nightstand

Your pet was with you when you went to bed at night and when you awoke in the morning. He can continue to be there with you when you place his or her pet urn on your nightstand. Since there are different sizes and styles, you can find one that is the perfect addition to your bedroom’s décor.

#2: On a Mantel

A mantel is a place to show off some of your accomplishments or brightest moments, which makes it the perfect place for your pet’s urn. Pet urns can be narrow in case you have a smaller mantel, so be on the lookout for this style if this interests you.

#3: On the Floor

If your pet had a favorite spot to sleep, you may want to consider placing you pet urn there. You can find urns that are on the bigger side, so that it ends up being a floor decoration. You can also place the urn on a corner table placed in the favorite spot.

pet urns#4: As a Centerpiece

Pet urns are beautiful and they make excellent centerpieces for coffee tables or other surfaces. Just because they contain your pet’s remains doesn’t mean that they need to be placed away from certain things. The ashes are securely inside, so they would never come in contact with foods or other things.

#5: On a Shelf

Many people will hang a shelf on the wall. They will place their pet’s photo on the wall above it or have it in a frame placed on the shelf. Next to the photo or in front of it depending on the location and size of the photo, they will place the pet urn. This creates a mini memorial for the pet. You can bring more attention and honor to it by installing lights above and have them shine down on the shelf, photo and urn.

pet urn in garden#6: Outside in a Memorial

Outdoor memorials are common, but for people who want to cremate their pets, a pet urn can be used as the main attraction. You can place the pet urn in the center, flowers around it, a gravestone or anything else that your beloved pet would like around him or her.

#7: In a Garden

Gardens are peaceful, beautiful places. They make the perfect place for your pet’s urn. Choose one that goes along with the theme of your garden and you’ll love going out there to visit.

#8: On a Porch/Deck

Many pet owners remember their pet lying next to them on the front porch or back deck. This makes the perfect place to display a pet urn. You can place it on an outside table that is already on your porch or back deck. You can also create a memorial area with a large pot in which you plant flowers and plants and then place the pet urn in the middle.

#9: In a Car

Many dogs and some cats love car rides, and those rides make some of the best memories. Many people will display their pet’s urn in their car because that just seems like the best place for him or her. It’s easier to do this for small dogs, since the urn will be the perfect size for a dashboard or back dash. For bigger dogs, you may need to get a little more creative. Some people have made a base with wood and glued their pet’s urn to it, so it stays put on a seat.

#10: On your Body

Instead of displaying a pet urn in your home, yard, or car, you can always place your pet’s remains in a piece of jewelry. There are small lockets and urn jewelry in which some of your pet’s remains can be placed in them. You can then have your pet with you no matter where you go.

Do you have any creative ways to display your pet’s urn that you would like to share with us? Please leave a comment to let us know how you have done it. If possible, take a photo and share it with us on Facebook. We would love to see how you have honored your pet.